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01-04-2012, 10:23 AM
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omfg yes... you need the latest in stepped steel, at least the latest lightspeed holder, a 3/8 ROH, a 12" radius so you maximize cut and glide with at least the stiffness of an APX, TotalOne boot

Or... you can stop asking silly questions, realize its all preference and see a skate fittter and figure out what works for you as we're all different

there are standards out there, like 9' radius, 1/2 hollows and stiffness for different skillsets... and fitting the boot isn't rocket science

You, being a beginner, will need to understand how to skate before understanding the differences in your skate

I do suggest you buy a quality and comfortable skate... and everything else such as holder, blades, and the different grinds can change later

but again, you need to understand how to skate... as opposed to being a pylon on the ice dressed in fancy gear as I see so damned often here in Calgary

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