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01-04-2012, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by cjdv16 View Post
Any up for integrating a Jiggs drinking game into our efforts?

Drink every time Jiggs says...

"Excuse me --"
"How do you do!!!!"
"Yup" (after a shoot out goal)
"Nope" (after a shoot out save)

and the kicker .....

Drink every time Jiggs and Butch take a stroll down memory lane.

Note: I love Jiggs. Would love to see him give Howie the boot so that he can stop forcing his love for the Islanders and let him go kiss some Ranger ass.
I love Jiggs but Howie is one of the best in the biz.. I am glad he is calling the games. I can care less if he is a Ranger fan. He calls a good game every time.

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