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11-06-2003, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby
Folks... when will reality set in? I like Bouchard but he is honestly only a borderline NHLer. Poti has All-Star talent.
When will the insanity end? Who cares who got picked up on the waiver wire and who has "All-Star talent"? Can any of you Bouchard detractors really tell me that since the start of training camp that any of Poti, Malacough, Bobo have been better than Bouchard? Come on. That's just ludicrous. Bouchard has CLEARLY been better than any of those 3 AND Kasperitis. And that is not even taking last year into account. Last year, the difference in play between Bouchard and any of the Fearsome Foursome (Poti, Kasper, M&M sisters) has been vast.
For those of you that just keep calling him waiver trash, do any of you remember Ray Shepard? We got him on waivers and subsequently let him go. He scored nearly 30 goals for us and then went on to pop in 30 for a few years with Detroit. Simply put, WHE THE EFF' CARES if a guy is obtained through waivers? The ONLY thing that should matter is performance. And judging on performance, Bouch has been heads and shoulders better than Poti, Kasper, or any of the ADRD.
And if you want to preach ACCOUNTABILITY, then how can you say that performance does not matter? That is what has been killing the RAngers for the past 8 years. Name recognition as opposed to on-ice performance.

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