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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
I might be a the minority but I think the Habs are a good team having a bad season. With some retooling I think we can compete with anyone in the new conference formats. But I noticed that we have a huge whole at centre, Gainey tried to fix it in 09 when he tired to land Lecavalier, but then traded for Gomez, we all know how that went but that's not the point.

IMO Pleck is a great 1 A/B centre, and while I've been really impressed with DD, and Eller also, both are not 2nd line centre.

And while I would love to trade for someone like Paul Stastny, the assets are simply not there/worth giving up to get someone like that.

So with that, is our only likelyhood of getting a true impact centre would be getting lucky and being able to draft someone like Grigorenko I don't know much about prospect and stuff but just reading around, it seems as though he might be just what we have been lacking for a long time.

Just wondering if there would be any opitions because it seems like the league is dry on centre, you have the Leafs,Sabres, Flames all looking for that impact centre for years but no results.
hard to win if not near impossible without a #1 center. gainey knew this and tried hard first for lecavalier then sundin. he wasn't able to get the job done and eventually this lead to his demise in montreal.

habs should be drafting high in this draft unless they have a resurgence. a #1 center should be their priority, if not possible the trade route even if it means moving their pick next summer

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