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01-04-2012, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post

Like trading for Penner last year was guaranteeing top talent? We didn't let that "pass us by" and it worked well huh? And whose to say we'd have Kovalchuk still? Just because he signed in NJ doesn't mean he'd sign here. In fact, a lot of posters seem to believe good FA's wouldn't sign in LA, which if true means Simmonds would have been dealt for a rental. I'll trade him for a guy like Richards before I'd move him for a guy like Kovalchuk, thanks.

As I said, I like him. As such, even I'd listen if Columbus offered him up. Where I'd be willing to take your wager on DL is when Columbus states their price. If you notice, I always include in my reasoning for not wanting Nash the price tag it would cost us to get. Columbus would want the farm for him. Your idea of a "reasonable price" isn't realistic because he is the face of that organization. Given the problems they are purported to have financially and otherwise, trading the face of the team would make no sense barring getting back a Kings ransom (pun intended). At his current production, he's basic one-dimensional skill level and the salary space he takes up, no way DL would listen to what Columbus would be asking. He'd kick the tires like any GM would, but he's not going to pay it unless Columbus is desperate to get rid of him, something I doubt very much.

What's ridiculous is to attest that stats are ridicoulous, but your own opinion isn't. You think Nash is some great goalscorer. Good. No one is debating that. Even I've said he can score. But numbers wise, Eriksson isn't far behind, and at nearly half the cap hit while being a year younger.

I also never said we'd trade for Eriksson, because, as you said, it'd cost us a retarded premium. I'm simply stating that it is beyond foolish to dismiss a guy like Eriksson who is averaging 31 goals a season while banging the drum of a guy who scores a handful more goals a season at twice the cap hit. But if you are going to use the fact Eriksson would cost us a "premium that would debilitate us" why not use the same rationale for Nash? Columbus wouldn't deal him for anything short of a huge payoff since he's basically all they have for their fanbase to cling too. Nash would cost as much or more than Eriksson to us.
Bringing up Penner in a discussion about Nash and Kovalchuk is mind boggling. It is no surprise that he ended up signing and staying with the team that traded for him. What were his odds of randomly picking NJ and it all working out the same way if they hadn't traded for him? The answer is unknowable, as is every single piece of nonsense we are discussing, but I'd doubt that NJ would have made the same offer and things would have worked out the same way if they hadn't already paid for him.

I don't even care about this discussion. Nash is very low on my list of wants around the league. I am merely arguing that the propensity of rolling your eyes and screaming "overrated" is silly when looking for top talent around the league. We need a top goal scorer. Eriksson is not a top goal scorer. We need a Nash, Kovalchuk, Hossa, Parise, Stamkos, etc... Someone who is going to guarantee offense. It is not foolish to dismiss a playmaker who scored 36 when his team got hot one year, over a habitual 30+ talent. I'd take 6 goals over 15 second assists any day. Eriksson's goal scoring ability is a few notches below Nash. We need a shooter, we are a team filled with passers, but no shooters. If I am paying some stupid price, it will be for a player like Nash, not Eriksson.

In the end, I don't want either. I don't even want Iginla. I wouldn't cry if we got any of them, but none are worthwhile for the team. I am just rolling my eyes are the stigmas HFBoards creates for itself. It is the exact same as if you walked into a proposal thread about Doughty and every single poster responds with "overrated" and that they would never consider it. Let's ask the GM's if they would want Doughty on their team...


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