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Originally Posted by DelZottoLover View Post
Wow no need to get nasty. I'm in a rural area for one, not many people here are fans of hockey, they think it's stupid. It's not my fault there aren't any quality pro shops here in ****** FL. The closest rink by me is 2 hours and they only sell equipment, the employees there don't know anything about the correct fitting of skates or anything like that.

So basically this is the only website I come to, to ask questions for experienced skaters/players like you people. There's nothing wrong with asking for advice and a little help on a forum FOR that purpose. How will you ever learn anything if you don't ask questions?
I'm not breaking any of the forums rules and I don't act like i'm an expert and brag about how much I can skate and how much of a hot shot player I am like some people on here do. At least i'm being honest about my skills. You should also feel good about yourself if someone asks you questions about skating, because they are coming to you, a supposedly "experienced" skater.

Also all of my questions are on different topics they aren't all the same, maybe similar but NOT the same.
the questions can be coupled together, and really you're gaining negative visiblity by starting so many threads regarding a topic: Skates

I can sympathize to your situation and perhaps if the next closet rink is 2 hr's away, it may not be prudent to look into this sport... and I'd go down the roller hockey path, specifically being a sport you can play year around and that you have no Outdoor rinnks anyhow.

my apologies for being crass and dismissive, but these days it seems like its the less competent player who commits more time to learning and worrying about their equipment than the fundamentals of the game.
I've met many newbs who know about the weight and kickpoint of hockey sticks, than even understanding even the rules of the game and don't even understand what it means to skate (i.e. glide, push and recovery, edge control)

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