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11-06-2003, 04:23 AM
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Originally Posted by tk421
I disagree, shot and speed can be matched yes, but his playmaking ability is probably one the best on the team. He is probably the second or third best passer on the team,
What are you disagreeing with? I never said his shot, speed, or playmaking wasn't good or not one of the best/better on the team. I simply said it could be matched by other players...including players who regardless of ones opinion are currently outscoring Daigle.

Originally Posted by tk421
He is 6'0" 203 pounds. I don't think he has a size issue. I've seen him fight through several crowds near the boards to gain control of the puck.
And just as often, if not more, he won't even go after the puck in open ice or race into the corner or get near the boards and gain possession because a defender is near or closing in. He has been extrememly inconsistent in that regard or IMO will shy away from contact any time he has time to make the decision to do so.

Also, if you watch him play, he doesn't use his size (hitting, driving to the net...he's knocked off the puck very easily, etc.) and his poke check is one of the weakest on the team. Strength and willingness to sacrifice his body is an issue.

Originally Posted by tk421
He is on the team for his offensive potential which could put him as the #2 best offensive player if he meets that potential. If he doesn't then the point is moot. You need balance on a team. Right now Daigle has more he has to show, but I still think he has shown good improvement.
I predicted he would have 20 goals and 25-30 assists. For a guy making $500,000 that's not bad.
... Isn't it worth the gamble to have a guy on the team who could produce 20-30 goals in a year, but may need to be teamed up with better defensive players.
I never stated that Daigle is not a worthwhile experiment. If it works out, great. I simply think there is a better than average chance it could end (history does have a tendency to repeat itself) this season, especially if he can't put up the numbers you predict.

The reality is Daigle has only scored 20+ goals (and 51 points) twice in his career and the last time that occured was over 6 years ago (in a higher scoring time in the NHL to boot).

It remains to be seen if he can transfer his opportunity into a season long success story, but we will see.

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