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01-04-2012, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post
Leaving your crease is an automatic game misconduct. The remainder of that game that is. Not the following game.

As for what i think of this suspension...i'll take parts from my post on the sens board:

"You always see players trying to free themselves from linesman. I would say about half the fights, as soon as a linesman puts one arm in, they stop. The other half, they're still pulling and tearing and trying to get a swing at the other player while the linesman holds them. Lehner did no differently then say...mcgrattan trying to get at downie when he hit mcammond. Look at any brawl, or even a single fight, and you will see a player trying to get away from the grip of a linesman half the time. Why give lehner 3 games, but not other guys who do the same thing? I'll show you one example, the mcgrattan one...but there are 100s and 100s, if not 1000s of cases over the years where a linesman gets in the way to stop a fight, and the fighters keep trying to fight while the linesmen are trying to separate it. Here's an suspension:

According to the lehner suspension, at 0:36 of this video, there should be half a dozen suspensions handed out as it seems every ref and linesman is trying to separate players but players are "pulling away" to continue fighting. and Mcgrattan at 1:08 is different then lehner how?"

Lehner did not engage with the official. The official engaged him.He did not strike the official. He did not push the official. He pulled away. Players pull away from officials on about 50% of fights and about 99% of brawls. Why is there a suspension only on this instance?
A suspension likely occured because he came from his own end of the ice to get involved, they probably felt it was an unnecessary move. He went out of his way clearly to be engaged in the matter.

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