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01-04-2012, 01:29 PM
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the newb these days: latest RBK 11k helmet w/ colored stickers and the biggest visor possible
Bauer One95 full protective getup for non-contact hockey (elbows shoulders to pants)
Skates - sometimes is cheap, really cheap... mostly because most people don't want to commit to spending $300+ on them, but would rather spend $200+ for a pair of NHL replica jersies and edge socks and $300 on a stick
A dark and light jersey of their favorite team or Edge practice jerseys
Edge socks in matching colors to their team jersey
Eagle Talon/RBK 9000/Vapor X:60 gloves
Latest newest sticks with way too little flex (i.e. 100) (like an Easton RS) but just one (they never think to bring a spare) uncut and way too long

oh & of course: The GRIT bag to top it all off of, and all the accessories like visor towel, 3m tape, 3m stick wax, a smart hockey ball, laundry bag, all the UA compression gear, etc...

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