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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
This thread should be closed at the end of ATD 2012, before the MLD/AAA/AA/A of 2012

Any picks made in 2012 should be made in the 2012 depth drafts, or else to **** with 2012 depth drafts! There will be off-the-board picks in the MLD 2012, AAA 2012, AA 2012 and A 2012 just like there usually is!!!!!!!!!!! let's honour the process. it would **** me off and others too to have some guy they found off the board get announced on the board just prior to your drafting of the guy in a depth draft.

Either we forget about having 2012 depth drafts or else close this thread when the depth drafts begin.
it won't be a problem if you think about it. There simply isn't any overlap at any time that it actually matters.

I'll already be done about 30 picks by the time the ATD starts, and those are picks 1940-1970, approximately. those players aren't in danger of early ATD selection.

Let's say we manage to have a 1000-pick ATD again. so by mid-march we are at pick #500. by mid march I am profiling pick# 2015. Yeah, i have some great players lined up but let's not kid ourselves; they're not in danger of being selected by pick #500.

By late April we are wrapping up pick #1000, and I'm at pick# 2060. Some later draft gems may be getting selected at this point, including a few of my own. But I've researched these picks well, and the ones who may deserve ATD selection will be the ones I profile early, in January and February, a good 3 months before they are in any imminent danger of ATD selection.

By the time the MLD starts in July I'm at cumulative pick #2120. the guys with real MLD potential are going to be the ones I profiled in January through March. No conflict.

By the end of the MLD we'll only be 900 picks or so behind my pace, and then there may be some overlap involved where I profile pick #2200 and some noob takes him in the AAA right away. That is collateral damage as far as I'm concerned.

To ease your concerns, maybe I could profile two a day for 180 days? It would be twice as much work but I think I could pull it off. Your thoughts?

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