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Originally Posted by CBJCountryClub View Post
I admire and support the ACA (and I am a card carrying, scarf wearing member) because they stand for the same things I do - they support the CBJ. No. Matter. What.
There seems to be some disagreement whether they are as dedicated as you seem to suggest they are.

One day you will be all kissing my a** once Howson and Arniel overcome the doubters and put the CBJ on top where they belong.
I will celebrate that day, as would I celebrate world peace. I would like to think that the Scott's overcoming their doubters with the CBJ would be an easier task, sometimes I am not sure. Would I be kissing your arse? Lol, right.... Blind squirrels have been known to find nuts. Howson and Arniel are bound to get better at their jobs at some point. At least I would hope so.

And I will be able to say my commitment and support never wavered.
Since I watch the team almost every game and have a half season season ticket package, I would say that my commitment and support are just fine.

I am loyal to the team, not the moving parts. Meaning they could replace everyone on this team in the off season and I could give a crap less.... I would still support the team again next year.

My dislike of Howson and, now, Arniel has not affected my desire for this team to win. You can be critical of the team and still support them, cheer for them, and follow them. I love my team, doesn't mean I have to like them or who they employ.

What does this mean? If you are a serious poster, you are miles off base with your evaluation of the team and it's fan base. You are going to get people upset and boo when you continue to lose. Get over it already. All this was with the assumption that you are a legitimate poster and that you believe what you type.

It's really hard to take your position seriously though.

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