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Originally Posted by underslept View Post
There are two sides to this coin.

I understand the point you're making that his demeanor is often too nonchalant for the type of goal he let in. However, when he is making saves and the team is struggling to clear the puck, this demeanor comes off as calm and composed under pressure.

Montreal fans complained of this as well.
I see it a touch differently.

I like when Elliot lets up a goal, he looks frustrated, shakes it off and gets back to normal pretty quickly. Thats ideal for me. But Halak's body language (to me) leans more toward depressed or sulking.

You got to keep your chin up and say: "Whats done is done, it won't happen again...(deep breath)... ok, I am ready to go... let's win this! (thats what I get with Elliot)

If I put words to Halak's demeanor it would read: "Darn, (under breath) can't do anything right. (sigh)"
Maybe I am off, but as a defenseman reading that body language I would be thinking..." Oh man here we go again (head shake)". My response to Elliot's body language is...(Talking to Elliot) "Its ok bud, we'll get it back...we got this. (stick tap to the pad)."

That difference in mental state can be the difference in believing you can come back and actually do so in the process.

*Thats not to read... Halak is not a good goalie and we can't win with him.

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