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12-17-2005, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Kearney
Then why are you (and others) so obsessed with the 'school' assignment (which was 4 years ago and seems to have contributed to a huge turnaround at the time)?
Obsessed? That's a strong word, K.

My point was, if you read between the lines, that AM's antics are growing thin for this team. This has been a culmination of events, stuff that has happened over years. That kind of crap with the assignment can be worked once or twice, but treating players as children eventually wears thin. Hence the vets that can't seem to swallow AM's coaching style.

Using an example of what AM did 4 years ago to show a culmination of negative events has NOTHING to do with asking what he has done for me lately. For one, he has done nothing positive for me recently, and I was using a negative example from a long time ago that had pissed me off. There is NO rational connection between these arguments, with the exception of time.

Context is key, my friend. Context.

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