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The fact is that every year there are OFF-THE-BOARD picks in the MLD, AAA, etc that are worthy picks. I know you have spoken often in the past as if all the good ones have been taken but time and again new ones pop up. I assume you have a few off the board gems you want to proflie! And I'm sure some that you think are lesser gems based on your info might actually be bigger gems once some other GM's info is added to it. I myself have a long list of guys I plan to research in the coming months for the depth drafts. I always pride myself in trying to find new off the board picks, and it is a real pleasure to go tah-dah and present a new off the board profile. Let's not start allowing anyone to throw out names of undrafted players while a draft is on!!! not on this subboard. We have never allowed it and shouldn't start to. In fact, ideally there should be no discussion of off the board picks once the next year's ATD draft begins. But, practically speaking, all I'm asking for is for us to not start approving of mentioning undrafted players once the MLD has begun.

To give two recent examples. Last year I drafted off-the-board-pick Billy Breen in the latter half of the Double-A after finally coming across sufficient info on this all-time great who had been on my radar for two years. Tah-dah. You guys loved it and he went in the 2nd round of the MLD this year. As well, off-the-board pick Barney Holden I drafted waaaaay late in the B-Draft last year and he went in the main ATD this year! I could give more examples from past years.

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To ease your concerns, maybe I could profile two a day for 180 days? It would be twice as much work but I think I could pull it off. Your thoughts?
Please, let's agree that no one should be making any mention of undrafteds once the drafts begin, at least once the MLD begins! Whatever deserving picks you have remaining you could introduce as off the board picks in next year's depth drafts or undrafteds thread.

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