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01-04-2012, 06:49 PM
Only a 2 year window
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The Wings had the luxury of patience. The Blues are essentially gambling the rebuild on Berglund. The Sedins also had each other, a factor that's hard to overstate as far as chemistry.

I must be in the minority but I was incredibly frustrated by Berglund last night as well. I saw a guy just not able to get it done even in a game where he finds himself in a shooting position multiple times.

I don't think the WC counts. A sampling of some of the better players on bad teams on a far wider ice surface (which is a HUGE difference for Berglund whose problem is inability to have enough room to turn around and go square at the net with any consistency) does not mean much at all to me. When was the last game where you thought, wow, Patrik Berglund is taking over this game and showing us a flash of that potential he has? For me it's all the way back to last season. I haven't seen it this year. For me to be sold the patience idea I need to see more of it.

His defensive game is at or barely above average and he's awful at faceoffs. He can get exposed against top lines. Look at the Anaheim game when Getzlaf and Ryan dominated his line. In Detroit when they have the last change they can avoid Backes to match up with Berglund who isn't at all as fast or defensively responsible as Backes. Granted Backes is a high standard but the thing is if Backes is out there expending energy to shut down the opposing top lines then Berglund has to be able to score to win his matchup and I just don't have any confidence in him doing it consistently or in those playoff type games.

Basically if there's any deal to be had where the Blues can upgrade their 2d line center they could be dangerous this year, right now. If Berglund later becomes consistent, so what? The Blues will already have their upgrade that they hoped Berglund would become and godspeed to the kid because he's not a bad guy.

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