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11-06-2003, 06:19 AM
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Originally Posted by london ranger
we (london Racers) have the possibility to get our hands on Stanislav Gron a former
Albany Rat and Devils prospect. Has anyone seen him play?

What kind of player is he? All info is welcome.

Never seen him play, but from what I've heard, he's a smallish version of Kovalev in that he's very slick and has great lateral mobility and control of the puck. I'm sure he doesn't have the shot or strength, but if he's like Alex Korolyuk, you might have a pretty decent player on your hands.

EDIT: He's 6'2", 205-210 lbs, and here's a talent analysis of him a few years back from HF:

Talent Analysis- Slava as he likes to be called is probably one of the most skilled players in the AHL. He is likened to a young Alexi Kovalev. Like Kovalev he tries to stick handle through 5 players at once and coughs up the puck. He has no clue about the defensive zone and isn't a hard charger when it comes to the dirty work along the boards. He has a quick release and will score a lot of his goals on his sneaky wrist shot. The Rats have put him on the Penalty Killing Unit in hopes of forcing him to learn the defensive side of the game. He is quick, possess a lighting fast release and laser beam shot. But if the pucks not on his stick he seems to be in a fog. Knowing NJ's patience with their prospects Slava will come around in a few seasons. If Slava refuses to play "D" it will be interesting to see if Lou trades him before he even gets a whiff on NHL prime time. With this kid though it's gonna be all or bust. The next Kovalev? Only time will tell.

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