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11-06-2003, 05:25 AM
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Originally Posted by mowzie
Was I the only guy who seen tears in his eyes when he found out he got traded???

He loved the guys and he loved the city
Its entirely possible to really enjoy the locker room and people of the city and not be entirely satisfied on the business side of life. As you point out, Carter at one level could have been sad to leave. But how does that mean he couldn't have been jumping for joy to be traded to a big market like NYC where he could spread his other business wings?

I know of many people who are loathe to leave their current life (friends, house, colleagues, neighbourhood, kids' school, etc.), but they are in a sense very happy to do so because of a promotion or a better-paying job. Its a daily occurrance all across the globe.

If you ask me, Carter definitely liked Edmonton quite a bit. And he also wanted to leave. The two are not incommensurate. I'm flabbergasted by the percentage of fans who apparently fail to realize this.

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