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01-04-2012, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
The fine was low to me, and he should have been suspended.

This moron can never seem to keep his big yap shut. He's a good guy, but his mouth is just too much.

Really, to all of you so appalled by his fine, the guy questioned the integrity of everything about the NHL on its biggest stage at its most important event.
He didn't just say the refs were bad, he insinuated the game could be freaking bought.
Sure we all know the refs suck, are terrible at times, but if you believe the league can be bought and that the NHL has no integrity, WTF do you even watch the games for?

What he said was classless and detrimental to hockey and the Rangers, I would have been fine with 100k and 5 games. The guy is Sean Avery behind the bench...
Sorry, I disagree with you. That game was staged at the end to get it to OT and everyone in the NHL knows it. I'm glad Torts called them out on it, and called out the horrible reffing that took place. It happens way to often and needs to be addressed. I'm sick of the lackluster officiating each and every night -- and having spent nearly 500 dollars to attend the Winter Classic to see that circus happen in the end is the last straw for me.

If I had the money, I would send torts a check for 30 grand right now.

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