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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post

Okay buddy. You're usually very insightful and a good poster but this is bunk. Took you this long to attack Torts considering he's making all your 'Torts the clown" posse eat crow. The only thing that was detrimental to the game of hockey was that JOKE of a last 5 minutes. It was almost Sean Avery levels of bad. (See? I can randomly pull him out of my ass, too.)

Good. I don't want my team in a ****** gimmick with horrible refereeing.
First, I've done nothing but praise Torts this year as he is doing a great job. The reason I think he's a clown is because he pops off like this. He's suppose to be a professional.

I have no problem giving a guy credit when its due- and he deserves the praise and credit for an magnificent start to the season, I have no doubt he will keep it up.

I'm a hockey fan though, and what you guys are forgetting is that he didn't say the reffing sucked, it did suck, he had every right to say it. But the league plays that "gimmick" of a game to grow interest in the sport. He yapps off like that and makes hockey look like the second tier sideshow sport most people already wrongly think it is. He won the freaking game. Keep it shut and address it behind closed doors if you have such an issue with it.

He told the media he thought the league was on the take, what could a coach do that is actually an more damaging to the games reputation?

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