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11-06-2003, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
There might be a big difference between a 35 and 45 point defenseman but not on a team with Brian Leetch and a team where Kovalev pllays the point on the PP. Add in the offense that deVries and Bpuchard provides and Poti's point are more than compensated for.
I just don't see how Bouchard can make Poti expendable. Poti and de Vries made a good first or second pairing. Leetch and someone else could make another good first/second pairing. Bouchard and someone else will be a 3rd pairing. Poti is a top 4 d-man. Bouchard is a 5/6/7 d-man. One of the reasons he looks so good is that he's being used in his proper role. Thrust him into Poti's icetime and you'd see a decline in play.

And which is the bigger difference, 35 pts. vs. 45 pts. or +10 vs. -10?
Since when is +/- proof of a point? It's a stat that proves nothing.

If you think that Bouchard's games played is too small a sampling to judge his production over the entire season that's fine. But you can't tell me that between the two Bouchard has not been more productive than Poti on the ice.
Bouchard has been a more effective 5/6 d-man. He is still not a top 4 guy by any stretch of the imagination. You still need to put 6 d-men out on the ice every night.

And you have conveniently ignored my point where I have said that if you want to messure a player's value to the team, that players trade value needs to be taken into account. Poti will fetch more in a trade than Bouchard would. If you could trade Poti and upgrade the defense or offense (say a player like Denis Gauthier) and still get the production from Bouchard and deVries, how can you not consider it?
So in other words, trade him while his stock is high? I'm sorry, Singin', but that's from the Pasha school of personnel management. You trade a player to help the team. While it may seem like we have so many offensive d-men because none of them know how to play defense, that's not the case. Guys like de Vries (who put up a career high 32 pts last year, topping his previous mark of 20) and Bouchard (who has never put up a 35 pt season at any level of pro hockey) cannot be counted on to provide offense for an entire season. Neither can Malakhov or Mironov. And certainly not Kasparaitis or Purinton.

Leetch and Poti give us 2 bonafide offensive threats from the blueline, but some of you people will never see that because Poti can do no right in your eyes.

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