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11-06-2003, 06:26 AM
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I'm currently happy because...

it's a work in progress and thus far hasn't been so bad. If this were last season's Rangers, they would currently be 2-6-2-1 after these 11 games. That's a good start. Obviously keeping it up is the challenge, but I don't remember the last time the Rangers had this type of start, even after facing the Wings, Stars and Avs (which they usually face in the second half of the season).

Of course, there are still those nagging items that make you scratch your head. The attention to detail in the defensive zone is a lot better (is sucked)...although still not very good. There seems to be an attempt at positional play, so at least the coaches are trying something that makes sense; perfection in implementation will take time.

And there are players who have not yet taken off. Kovalev, I think, has played great, save a couple games, yet hasn't put up the goals yet..I think that will come. Leetch looks lost, but it's only a matter of time he starts to feel comfortable. Youngsters are getting a chance and hopefully they just get better. These will hopefully be go-forward positives.

And yes, it appears as if the goaltenders are standing on their heads. But, doesn't it appear, or hasn't it appeared throughout the years, that the Rangers always face hot goaltending, play a great game and lose? So now it's the Rangers with that goaltending and bounces and lucky posts and are winning.

To keep up it Sather will need to stay sharp. He cannot continue to wait for guys like Hlavac to come around (and I don't think it would've been fair to yank him after two games either). He can't let defensive play lapse on more than an occasion (M&M in particular). And he'll have to figure out how to effectively integrate Lindros, while keepin Lundmark and Moore in roles as they continue to play well.

But, like I said, thus far, I think this team has played well overall, after a rocky first two games.

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