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11-06-2003, 06:29 AM
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Carter vs Dvorak

I'd be surprised if anyone of you knew who I am. I mostly lurk and when I do post it's usually on the Oilers board.
Anyways we over on the Oilers board are very happy with the Carter-Dvo trade, even though Dvorak hasn't scored yet. He's showing amazing speed and heart and he's probably been one of our top 3 forwards at this point, and thats no small feat since he hasn't scored yet.
So I got to wondering....
I wanted to check in with you guys and see how you felt about the trade. Like I said, the overwhelming majority over at the Oilers board feel we won the trade hands down. And I was just hoping for some balanced opinion.
Is this a deal where both teams won, are you happy with Carter? For those of you who have been following Dvorak thus far into the season, what do you think of his play? Can we count on him to start scoring? Or is this no-goal thing something thats haunted him for a while?
If I recall correctly Pisa also came over in the deal (At the time I was was very disapointed, I had high hoped for Pisa, he impressed me). I'm pretty certain he's no longer in the Rangers organization. What hapned to him? What did you guys get in return?

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