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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
Hah. They are doing fine. Their antics definitely can be a handful sometimes, so much energy... Always destroying something. They are pretty intelligent too, I can't keep them away from anything, they know how to open doors now and not many in the house lock, so I had to cat proof like every single room in the house and make sure they couldn't get into trouble anywhere.

This is Talia maybe 5 months ago or so, when she was skinny

Both of them 4 months ago:

Here they are looking evil 3 months ago, she's gaining weight, Kiri is staying pretty relative to her size.

More modern (they still look the same), Here they are two months ago caught sleeping on the washing machine:

Good look'n mousers! Dont have a Savannah Cat but my little Orange Tabby from the pound is smart as hell also. He opens doors, flips light switches off/on, shimmys up door jambs and was even toilet trained, with flush, for about 4 months. I couldnt keep up with his training. Also had to lock him out of the bedroom at night. Little booger kept flipping the light switch on.

Here he is "halp'n" my daughter with Christmas...

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