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Bringing up Penner in a discussion about Nash and Kovalchuk is mind boggling. It is no surprise that he ended up signing and staying with the team that traded for him. What were his odds of randomly picking NJ and it all working out the same way if they hadn't traded for him? The answer is unknowable, as is every single piece of nonsense we are discussing, but I'd doubt that NJ would have made the same offer and things would have worked out the same way if they hadn't already paid for him.
No it's not, not at all, considering your comment that I was responding too. You wanted to bring in talent, Penner was that. Really worked well huh? We have issues that go beyond goalscoring and I don't care who you bring in, they are going to have issues scoring. Add to that a cap hit of $7.8 million and one dimensional play... no thanks.

And yes, Kovalchuk going to NJ likely very much influence his resigning there. No doubt. But it was far from a guarantee that the same would have happened if we had traded Simmonds or whatever for him to come here. And as I said, I'd rather deal Simmonds in a package to get Richards than Kovalchuk, so DL made the right call it would seem.

We need a top goal scorer. Eriksson is not a top goal scorer. We need a Nash, Kovalchuk, Hossa, Parise, Stamkos, etc... Someone who is going to guarantee offense. It is not foolish to dismiss a playmaker who scored 36 when his team got hot one year, over a habitual 30+ talent.
How are seasons of 36, 29, 27 and a current pace of 30 counted as one year? He is a notch below Nash, I agree, but he's hardly a pure playmaker. As I stated earlier his goals per game pace since 2008 shows over a full season he'd get 31 goals, compared to 36 for Nash. So yeah, that would be very foolish to dismiss him.

In the end, I don't want either. I don't even want Iginla. I wouldn't cry if we got any of them, but none are worthwhile for the team. I am just rolling my eyes are the stigmas HFBoards creates for itself. It is the exact same as if you walked into a proposal thread about Doughty and every single poster responds with "overrated" and that they would never consider it. Let's ask the GM's if they would want Doughty on their team...
Once again, stop putting words in peoples mouths. No one is saying we wouldn't want Nash on our team. We are saying we wouldn't want Nash at the price it would take to get him, coupled with his cap hit, diminishing offensive output and one dimensional play. There are likely 400+ players in this league I'd like to have on this team for various reasons, but you have to factor all of above into each, which is why most of us can narrow a list for a particular need (in this case a goalscorer) down to a few names. For me, Nash isn't on that list for the above noted reasons. If you don't like that, tough, but don't insinuate I'm suggesting I, fans or GM's wouldn't hold value to Nash. It's just not anywhere near the value you or the COlumbus Blue Jackets would hold to him or what it would take to acquire him.

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Mattias Norstrom says hi.
2006-2007 and our near dead last team says hi right back. You think we would have dealt Norstrom at all if we weren't out of the playoffs and he was a rental who was retiring? Big difference between him and Eriksson not to mention the current playoff potential for both LA and Dallas.

That said, as Sydor wisely noted, Dallas isn't in our division/conference/whatever next year, so who knows.

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Philly said the exact same thing about Carter and Richards
Buffalo isn't owned by Ed Snider. That had a huge impact if I recall correctly.

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Could you ever see a big Kings-Ducks trade?
Nope, not of a young star for young star (Ryan/Johnson for example). The best would be a guy like Teemu as a rental, and even then I'd be surprised.

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