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01-05-2012, 09:15 AM
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Good to see Eller start putting the numbers up. I think he had it hard under JM, Martin has giving him more of a shut-down role. And it seems like he really wasn't please with Martin, I think when we look back it will be a good thing, making him a really good two way player. Martin was hard on young guys with the Sens, with Halvat,Hossa,Fisher, all turned out to be really good two way. Only person to rebel was Speeza, and you can see why his defensive game is weak.

Its great to see RC give both Eller and DD ice time. I think their have been a few threads merged with my original one. But I think the main point making/or asking, is the way need to play both DD and Eller to see if they can be slotted in a 2-3 role along with Pleck for use to be a contending team. IMO DD has kept his part, pace for around 50 points, and if Eller keeps playing the way he has, hopeful get around 40-50 points. I don't think we will be need to go search for a centre.

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