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11-06-2003, 06:40 AM
Gros Bill
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Year after year, the NHL brings it up ; the refs will be stricter , etc. Year after year, nothing changes. That is true.

Enforce the rules: the simplest way to put zingggg back into hockey, and they won't do it. My question is why ? Why ? WHYYYYY? I'm not blaming the refs, BTW, they are just doing what their bosses want them to.

The answer probably lies in checking this : who benefits from lax enforcement of the rules? ( qui profite le crime?)
Owners ? I doubt it; after all, seats are empty because games are boring (or so they say).
Slow, non-skillful players? I doubt that they have enough pull for that.
The NHLPA ? Wether a player is small and fast or big and slow should make no difference to them (as long as he pays his union dues!).
Could it be that the NHL is worried not enough Canadian kids would make the grade if the game were based on speed and skill? Is that even true ?

So I dunno why they won't do it, but I do know they should. Anyone have an idea about that ?

One last note : imagine if other major sports were officiated like hockey. Imagine a baseball umpire in the World series. "Well, that ball was low, but the pitcher is struggling and his team is down by 5. What the hell, I'll call it a strike". He would be fired on the spot.

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