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11-06-2003, 06:41 AM
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Originally Posted by turnbuckle
I strongly disagree about Rucchin. He's a pure heart and soul player, the main reason he was named the Ducks' captain this offseason. He's not a scrapper, but he most certainly plays a big man's game

Anaheim management loves Rucchin however; I doubt that he'd be traded for Saku.
Anaheim would never do that trade. Rucchin is 6'3'', was named capt of the team and is still young. Anaheim would not take Saku with his long list of injuries. Saku's injury now is more serious than was previously announced. Why did they chested the medias and the fans? Gainey was hiding Saku's gravity of his injury to raise his value in a possible trade?

I think Koivu's injury is as serious as Lindros injuries history with his concussions.
Concussions can end a carreer. Another serious knee will slow Saku so much that he will become a 3rd center defensive at best. Saku was fast before his first knee injury in '96. Now he is average in speed, if he becomes slower than what he was last year, I would prefer any old Nieuwendik, Arnott, Rucchin, Conroy, name it before Saku. Knee is the most important body part for a hockey player after his head. Last year many posters here where giving more value to Koivu than Vinnie Lecavalier, Jason Arnott, Brendan Morrison, Alex Yashin, etc. A slower Koivu is much less than these players mentioned.

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