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01-05-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Newfie John View Post
What it fails to do is explain cause and effect in any way whatsoever. So it's moot for your argument in your constant anti-Wilson tirade, which inevitably involves little to no substantiation.
Wilson's proficiency on the PK or lack of it has been analzyed to death here, I've seen it up close for 4 years now, and it isn't a well coached PK, where teams have often passed pucks through the box, we play too passively, players are unaware of marking players in front of the net, and until last game players screening goalies. The stats only back up what most leafs fans see and know, if you guys want to keep saying it's the players and not Wilson, that is your perogative. It doesn't take talent to be an effective PK, barring an average goalie it can be accomplished. Certainly being 30th for an aggragate 4 years is not excusable. Even if it's the players(which I certainly do not believe it is) if Wilson was the PK genious some say he is, The Leafs PK should be atleast pushing 15th, middle of the pack, heck even 20th would be an improvement, right?

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