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11-06-2003, 08:02 AM
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Lets see, Armstrong lead ALL forwards in PP shifts and ice time last night (including Ziggy by a big margine) so I think that AM has his new favorite. Not that Army didn't deserve it, because he does. It is weird though that Army gets 7 min and something like 45 secs and Sim gets 3 1/2 mins and Pirnes gets 4 mins of pp time but Frolov, a guy who was on a hot streak get 41 seconds of it and to go with his 12 mins (I think +13 secs) of total ice time and he also was used for more than 3 mins on the PK. My ONLY criticism of AM has been with the way that he uses his young players and I still feel he is doing a poor job of it. He would rather give players that are marginal NHLers allot of quality mins then give budding stars any significant time. He is constantly shifting them around when almost every other team that I have ever seen has thought it important to put young players on a consistant line to get them used to the speed of the game with the same people and once they start getting it to give them EXTRA shifts in different situations. Not, to just sort of throw them out when you feel like it.

I think that AM just doesn't have any confidence in Frolov and would rather give HIS ice time to players that have no more experience than Fro but play that one demensional grinding game with the hope that they will pop in the odd goal. The problem with that is that it is at the expense of Frolovs developement. He gave Brown 9 mins and change last night and I thought that it was a GOOD thing. Brown is 18 and just learning the NHL game. Frolov was thrown to the wolves last year and did very well all things considered. He is off to a solid start so far and AM obviously feels confident with his D game or he wouldn't use him so often on the PK. So what gives with the lack of time at even strength OR on the PP? It is like he is punishing Frolov and saying,"You can play on the pk but I am not going to give you any real ice time with any true scoring threats until you work your way out of my dog house". That is alright if Frolov was sucking but he hasn't been. I know we are short handed but come on, this is bus as usual for AM and hard to watch.

Now I am going to go and put my autographed Frolov pic under my pillow and have "sweet dreams" about him as what I have written looks awfully gay to me. I know it doesn't look this way but what I am saying isn't only about Frolov, it is about the way that AM coaches in general. He (like allot of NHL coaches) picks his favorites and overloads them with ice time to the detriment of the team. IF it were ZP that was getting all of the ice time you would say it is a no brainer. I like Army and he absolutely should be one of our top ice time recievers and as I said, he has earned it and with our being short up the middle he is doing a great job with what he is being given. That isn't the trouble, like I said, when you have Sim and Pirnes getting 3min more of PP time in a night when they are SUPPOSED to be used as energy stoppers and Frolov is getting 41 seconds of pp time and he is SUPPOSED to be a scoring threat it just doesn't make any sense to me.

What will happen is at the end of the year, when Frolov has 18 goals and 20 assists and is plus 16 people will say things like "I guess he ISN'T the all star sniper we thought he was" and will be able to point to his ice time and say that the 13 mins per game is enough for him to have done better. The truth will be that he wasn't used in the type of situations that COULD have made him score allot more. We will deal him to another team and they will give him the time he needs and BOOM, Frolov becomes a 30+ goal scorer and an all star.

I am going to guess that AM will give Army the same amount of ice time tonite that he has been all season so we will see him score at least 1 point.(wtg army, you are doing great)

I also feel that Ziggy is just on his usual rip and he will pick up 1 also.

I will give Vis 1 assist too.

Luc, (if we go buy the first ten games) is being used primarily as a PP specialist and is doing awsome at it. I think he will get a goal tonite.

I thought that Ebell played soft for the last two games and his minus 2 in that time span supports my theory. I think that tonight he will step up his play and get a goal. I also think that the pest will get one.

Score, Kings 3 ning 3. (4 -3 kings if Brownie gets his first. You just never know)

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