Thread: Twitter: Barch suspended one game
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01-05-2012, 12:42 PM
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People will forget. It's a hot topic this week but in a few weeks and months, it will be a forgotten issue. I'm sure he didn't mean for it to be racist. People make stupid comments all the time that are misconstrued. Nothing he can do about it now other than apologize and explain his train of thought, which he had done. Had it been a big issue, he would have had a longer suspension. Having him sit one game for stupidity is fine. The league may do it to save face and for the linesman's credibility. For the people out there who actually thought it may have been a racist comment (all the Al Sharpton's of the world, good thing most probably don't watch hockey), the league had to give some form of punishment. They could have gone with a fine or with a 1 game suspension. Done deal, everyone should move on because the faster people move on, the faster this will be forgotten and won't be an issue. Does anyone think Shane Doan is a bigot because he allegedly made a comment about Francophones a while back? I'm sure many people on here don't even remember that issue to begin with.

Barch will be fine. I'd be a little shaken up too had I realized what I said could have meant much worse.

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