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I don't want to turn this into a crap fest. But in an effort to approach this honestly I'll copy my post in the other thread.

"Pretty much every fan base has these type of hooligans. I've seen this or some version of it at sporting events across the USA. It's scary as hell when it happens because of the pack mentality that comes with it. These morons ruin it for everybody. I hope all those responsible spend some time in close proximity to folks who will show them exactly how tough they are.

I've made no secret of how much I hate the Flyers and I do not want to single out a fan base here or come off as xenophobic or something,,,BUT the Flyers and their fans are in a bit of an awkward position, IMO.

I want to state this position as carefully and as well thought out as I can. I've been to Philly on a number of occasions, though not to any sporting events. Let me state unequivocally that I love the place. You can not be passionate about, art, culture, food or history and not be in love with the city of Philadelphia and it's people. Great people. Friendly people. I digress. Back to the "BUT".

The "awkward" position I referenced above is as follows: In the early '70's the Flyers set about changing the face of hockey. They succeeded, and the Broad Street Bullies are now a legend and a Philadelphia legacy. Sadly, too many Flyer fans still feel an obligation to live up to that tradition. The situation is made more difficult and awkward by the continued celebration of the Bullies tradition as exemplified most recently in the presentation at The Winter Classic. Bill Clement, gleefully and gloatingly reminiscing about the Bullies and how and why they were "hated" detracts from the Flyers championship accomplishments. The fact is that the Flyers of that era were a bunch of reckless brawlers, who all too often targeted players who were defenseless. Schultz v Rolf is a good example. Often a Flyer would throw a sucker punch tucked safely behind a referee or with a team mate bear hugging a scrum opponent or worse yet, continue pummeling an opponent far beyond the matter being in doubt. They were a dirty and cowardly hockey team who are the standard bearers of an ugly tradition. Too many Flyers fans still wallow in that tradition. It's not a tradition to be proud of. A cross to bear, IMO."

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