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01-05-2012, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by loudi94 View Post
Just because they omitted the word "racially", doesn't mean it isn't there. He was suspended one game for making a racially insensitive remark. It appears the league was able to clearly decide that while the comments were inappropriate, Barch didn't mean for the words to come out the way they did. One game and move on. Barch is not a victim.

You missed a word there.

For one, you're not going to stop and think, "wait, he's back" before you make a comment like that. Looney Toons, Mario Kart, and Mythbusters as well as countless cartoons and other media and remarks throughout the ages have reference to a PERSON slipping on a banana peel. Mythbusters proved it can happen.

Don't say that to a Hispanic player....
Hey, he's Russian...
No, no he's...

Where does it stop? There is no justification. I was raised in the South. I was part of the segregated busing program in elementary school, as was my brother. I'm well aware of racism. I know what to avoid and what not to. This is pathetic. That simple.

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