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11-06-2003, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Marconius
Carter has always been streaky in Edmonton as well. One of the posters there did some statwork and it looked like Carter padded his stats against weaker teams and always seemed to go into a cold spell when we need scoring the most.
I was a fraid of the 'lack of production' thing being a history with Dvo. I don't know if its just high hopes, but so far it looks like hes getting chances, but just a bit snakebitten. Hes had like 3-4 goalposts allready. To be fair as well, He had some pretty intense family issues going on and missed a lot fo camp and preseason, so we're hoping hes going to be in top form soon
25 shots and no goals tells me he's more than snakebitten. after his knee injury he seemed reluctant to cut to the middle to get a better angle to shoot from. he'd try to use his speed to go wide around the d but all that resulted in was a bunch of bad angle shots not likely to beat even an average nhl goalie. i like dvorak a lot and i truly wish him well but for the type of player he was and should still be he should be showing more than amazing heart and speed.

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