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Originally Posted by MrHockey1982 View Post
I'm an average guy, 5'9' 195 lbs (with some muscle not fat, lol!!) and I went to the Flyers Rangers game at MSG on 12/23. This time, along with my other time going, I chose to wear my Flyers jersey and have felt physically threatened. Only by me walking away and or shrugging things off/being a good sport was a fight avoided. Keep in mind that my latest time going, my girlfriend was with me and bought me tickets to the game as a Christmas gift and she was also wearing a Rangers jersey (sorry guys!!). I was totally respectful to everyone and simply sat and watched the game while cheering the Flyers. The guy and his friends were harassing me and took it way over the line. After each of the first two Rangers goals, he would stand up and turn around while yelling obscenities at me/in my face while flipping me off. I simply responded with "Let's Go Flyers" and clapping over and over again.

After the third goal, he did it again and that's when my girlfriend stood up and told him to sit down because he was a %*$in' loser!! (priceless moment btw because she's a very nice person). Only then did he shut up and stop harassing me. I guess it's pretty embarassing when a girl in your team's sweater calls you a loser HA! A lot of Rangers fans are just as bad as they claim Philly is and they are what they hate!

Anyways, most of the people were cool but there's always some idiots and you have to be smart about where you are when you wear a rival's colors. If I was in some secluded dark area, I would try to take my jersey off or at the very least just keep my mouth shut about everything.

the key statement here is, he sat down after he was called a loser..... Didn't get 5 people to beat the hell out of you..... that's a huge difference

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