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01-05-2012, 04:13 PM
Very slippery slope
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
This is the sad truth. You'll find plenty of normal, civil people who have the proper perspective about sports in Philly, but you'll also find plenty of despicable people who take it way too seriously and resort to violence out of some displaced sense of pride, machismo, and territorialism. The stigma about Philly fans is unfortunate, but I can't say it's not warranted.
Bingo. I LOVE the city. I miss it dearly. But I would never, ever wear a Giants or Rangers jersey out and about unless I was in Center City during the day. ****, I've even seen people get hassled on South Street in broad daylight.

It's just how Philly is. They love their sports just a bit too much.

I will forever love the architecture of the city, though They preserve their history so much better than New York does.

I'm glad that the non-violent, non-neanderthal Philly fans are doing something about this. Great to see. Probably sick of morons like #28 ruining everything.

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