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01-05-2012, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by I Will Son View Post
What did I say that makes you think im under estimating Josi? Josi has been my favorite prospect for 3 years now... I know what skills and tools he has, ive been saying it.
I was not addressing my answer to you specifically ... sorry if you felt so. my mis-posting.
And in fact it is the prospect ranking where i see 1 Blum, 2 Ellis 3 Josi that, i believe underestimates Josi. To me 1 Josi 2 Blum 3 Ellis.

I follow Josi because for me he is the best hockey player Switzerland will have for some time. Compare him to the Russian Ovechkin or the Canadian Sid.
Of course we are a small hockey nation ... josi may not be as good as the 2 mentioned guys but he will be our hockey star. So i am following him. (better than Baertschi, Niedereiter, Sbisa or ... )

Since i have free time, i watched almost all games Josi played with the preds. I saw a dramatic change in his game. I am still scared with some brain farts ... or pucks bouncing over the stick .... but to me he improved incredibly.

He is smart and thinks very fast. (he was uncontested ping pong champion in Milwaukee Admirals ... nothing to do ? directly not ... agreed ... but you need to think fast to play well ping pong ... he has it in him ... speed of thought)
I believe that he is a short term intelligence genius. explaining his smart passes and high level of conscience of the game. The way he anticipates the trajectory of the others allows him to "valse" through the entire rink ! through reading the skating of the others, he can read their intention ... even the comment :"he is polite and professional". You don't say that about a sportsmen !! he is polite ! unless he is

Something he has not started to do is to score. his ratio goals /assists should be higher. This happened since he arrived in NA. I am convinced suddenly it will click. It is as if he lowered his standard of "exigence" when shooting to allow for the time (rinks being smaller ... you have less time to shoot) to shoot. He will suddenly become aware of that and work on it again. (in 18 months, he should have adjusted ... so i believe that he took a bad habit to adjust.). now he has to get rid of this bad habit.

His weakness may be that he is not brutal ... rather gentle (real smart guys are often gentle). I could see him in a player la Sid, less talent specially on the stick handling front but same style. (not the same spot ...obviously)

So to me, with a 20 mins a game, and a decent winger, he should be scoring 40 pts per reg. season. With a better shot. That would be, in my view doable in the end of this year or next year. (i see it this way ... ! pardon me if i am a bit too optimistic but so far i stick to my vision on him ... He could even be a Norris winner in some years ... with a 60 to 80 pts per game.

A rather positive vision i have ...
Not all share it ... among my landsman as well ... that is my view on him. And so far ...

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