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01-05-2012, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by jskramer83 View Post
i apologize if my posts seem directed at you. Your posts make you seem like an inteligent fan.

and do not put you in the same category as the people who were beaten. Really the issue is mostly with anybody who is under the age of 25 and goes to these games and get drunk.

This generation is the group that seems to really think that going to a game and getting completely wasted and tormenting visiting teams fans to the point of violence is cool.

My younger brother was best friends with the kid who jumped off of yankee stadium into the net during a game.

I like the kid but put him in the same category as these guys, he is a ****ing idiot, if that kid was not a really small 130 lbs he would of killed everyone under him.

These kids need to be taught and made an example of, my brothers friend was only 16 when this happened, and had to spend 3 years in a half way house, and then 6 years probation, and is banned from Yankee Stadium for life.

Anything less for these punks is un-acceptable if they catch them

No worries dude. Hope these guys get what is coming to them. Most people do (according to Fred Shero).

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