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01-05-2012, 06:09 PM
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Replying to quote from RGY (prior thread just closed):

Your comment:
"Jeff Woywitka tough? And you sit here and try to downplay my laughter at you. Sure the Ducks want toughness on the blueline but Jeff Woywitka certainly is not the answer. You're making him sound like he is Brooks Orpik or Mike Sauer. You need to get your head screwed on right because it's a little loose.

And Murray is not taking picks. I dont know why you cant get that through your thick head. He'd rather hold onto Perry/Getzlaf than to deal them for just draft picks. Because like he himself is saying he is not looking to rebuild. He does not want to start from the ground up. I know its hard with basic reading comprehension skills. But keep posting your silly proposals. They do bring such laughter which like you have said yourself is the best medicine."

My reply:
Doesn't matter that JW is not the second coming of Chara, or any other really tough, exceptionally strong guy, like Orpik, etc (which I never said).
He is tough ENOUGH and plays hard ENOUGH to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Accordingly, he has value and use to Ducks on soft D corps unless and until they get some one better (including particularly as to toughness) from somewhere else.
So, as logic yet once again prevails, you are wrong. You can admit it or not, but that is what the fact demonstrates.

As to Murray, it's not that hard to understand.
He can ask for ANYTHING he wants.
He will take the best offer.
If that offer must include draft picks, he will gag and swallow and take them.

Of course, to be all or largely picks, that would have to be a high number of picks.
Some variables with such construct may make sense, others not, depending upon what players are involved and the picks.

Was that SO hard to understand?

As to your arrogant taunts which are just looking to be acknowledged as trolling, I will hold off for now and give you enough rope to hang yourself. But be advised at your own risk you that you can taunt all you want, but remember, if I choose to, I give better than I get. My "thick head" can at least generate and comprehend rationale basis and logic, and not merely engage in ad hominum attacks; take care it is you who is not made to bend, buckle and break before the bernmeister!

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