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01-05-2012, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Mkoll View Post
So you are basing this argument on only your personal experience? Is your influence so great that you can make generalizations that cities such as Dallas and Houston arent as bad as ones up north?

I too have lived in Dallas (17 years), as well as Philly (12 years), and I can tell YOU that I have seen Dallas fans act worse than northern fans more frequently.Now, does this mean its true because I saw/heard it? no.
There are two types of sports fans:

1. idiots who get so worked up over a sporting event (because they failed as athletes) they go out and pick fights with opposing fans.


2. Normal everyday fans who love their team with a passion, but recognize its just a game and respect human life.

These two types of fans are in every city.
I will argue that point with you until the cows come in. I have sat in the 700 section at the vet and have seen grown men in section jackets beat up young men for wearing the wrong team colors. I have been on many trips to other cites to watch the eagles play. Dallas seven times alone and have never seen such violence as I witnessed in Philly. You might get your balls broke in Dallas. But you do not have to fear for your life. I stopped taking my wife to games here when we witnessed the brutal attacks on men and women trying to go to a game at the Vet when the strike was on years back. Do your remember that?

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