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01-05-2012, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
I think it's interesting that we have a situation where Boston being at the top of the league seems strange. When I look back to all the awesome moments in recent (last decade) Habs history, it has usually been the situation that Boston was 1st and we were 8th. Only once was it reversed. I guess the fact that they won the cup makes them look stronger than the 1st place teams we used to face in the first round. Then again, they are more solid now then they used to be. No Thorton (well, not that one), Samsonov, Dafoe, etc. Still, I think the last two times we've lost to them has had a psychological effect on how we would evaluate them (whether justified or not). Personally I think they're a solid team (and not happy about that either), but I don't think they are beyond unravelling. It just takes a bit of whatever we have this year.
highly, highly doubt it.
first off they're far bigger than us = durability and less injuries
second the size of their forwards allows them to play a much uglier and simple game if necessary to score goals. we on the other hand, are loaded with hobbits, prima donnas (they traded theirs to TO) and soft streaky goal scorers
third- their goalie tandem is incredible and keeps them from slumping

i can go on

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