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11-06-2003, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by IronMarshal
Age: 45 (yeah, I'm the old guy around here)
Location: Beautiful Buck's County, colonial Langhorne to be precise.
Occupation: Teacher
Most hated team: Blue Skirts, Debbies (a very close second), Island Girls
Soft spot team: Canadiens (from my youth)
Goal: To have my children grow up in a much safer world
Favorite Jersey number: 8
Favorite all time Flyer: Tough call, Bernie and Pelle come to mind quickly, but I guess I have to say Barber with Propp having high recognition. right behind those 4 are Clarke, Schultz and Poulin.
Hockey history: Many years of amatuer Ice Hockey and some roller, before in lines. I have coached and reffed some In line leagues. I have played against at least one pro (former Red Wing Ray Stasiak-numerous times before he went to college and the NHL), and the University of Princeton (We lost badly twice). My personal style was a s a defensive defenseman who played on the powerplay because of my shot and ability to read the play, keep the puck in the zone. I was a mix of Brad Marsh, Glen Cochrane (yes I was suspended almost every year), and Brad McCrimmon.
Current favorite Flyer: Big John LeClair, followed closely by Rex, Gags and Joni.
Favorite band: The Who
Favorite actress: Meg Ryan
I thought I was going to be the oldest. Good to have some wisdom on board.