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11-06-2003, 08:14 AM
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While I like both players, I believe that Devo's 31 goal season was an abberation as opposed to what you will get from him on a regular basis.

Not saying that what you will get is bad, but don't expect more than the 15-25 goal output that he's displayed in every other season he's played.

The problem I have, rather had, was that his defence started to wane after the injury and he seemed lost out there.

He's not physical, although he's not timid. He's not as much of a scoring threat regardless of his speed and his defensive abilities have diminished somewhat making him a liability out on the ice.

At least that was what he was when we traded him.

Carter on the other hand, is not a speed player like Devo, but he's physically built to play the eastern conference style better than Devo.

The thing with the Rangers this season so far is that the guys you wouldn't expect to be carrying this team are the guys that are getting it done. I would expect that when the worm turns things may be a bit different.

But I also expect Devo to get hie 15+ goals this season as well.

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