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Originally Posted by underflux View Post
Based on what you've described I think the 8's would be fine. I'm a size 11 mens shoe and I wear an 8 in CCM skates, your toes are supposed to almost if not just touch the toe cap.
sorry, maybe I didn't describe it as well, even when wrinkling my toes I still touch the toe cap of the 7.5s, if I had my toes in a normal position and I was just barely touching/scraping the toe cap than I don't think it would be that much of a problem, yet I didn't even try them w/ thicker

Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
I don't think the toes are supposed to touch the toe caps... I'm a 10.5 11 and I wear 8.5 9ks where I would typically be a 9 with easton.

I like the adjustability of the pump, the wide forefoot is great for my foot, though like any skate took a while to break in, even with heat molding.

Though I have no built up calicious on my foot, the liner is wearing at the top and the heel. This is a 9k issue with the antimicrob liner, and they've since ditched it in the 8 and 11ks. I'm fighting with rbk now to get something done about my skates.
well than perhaps the 8s will be fine, I'm a 9.5-10, so than the 8s might just do it *crossing fingers*

So I take it you have the older 9ks? I ordered the 2012 ones

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