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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
See this kind of generalization pisses me off. I'm 22 I enjoy drinking and I'm allowed to. I'm a diehard hockey fan and to be completely honest I probably give opposing teams fans a harder time then most but would I take it to a physical level? Never. I wouldn't use deragatory slurs or anything to incite vilonce but I will spare no expense to get under their skin and have a laugh or two afterwards. This younger generation that you speak so negatively of, is just the same as any previous. Don't paint myself or "people of my generation" with such a broad brush theres really no need for it.
Its not just an opinion, it is backed by the fact that arrests due to alcohol and violence, in the age group of 21 - 26 is on the rise. With the offenses getting more and more violent.

while most of your generation is not in this category, your generation is setting a new standard in drunken arrests

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