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11-06-2003, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Tinordi24
YES! Even more so now!!

His stock is higher and the better he plays the more we should want to trade him.

This team is not winning the Cup anytime soon and needs to rebuild. By then Kolzig will be way past his prime and Oullet rotting on the bench.

It makes no sense NOT to trade Kolzig unless the offers are pathetic.

evolution is the way to success, not revolution. tearing your team down to start from scratch and losing for 3 seasons(best case scenario)
just doesn't happen anymore. Teams like Buffalo, Florida, Calgary, Chicago can build and rebuild for a decade and get no where. How many solid, above average playoff teams have stripped to the bone and rebuilt successfully? hm? The good teams never do. Detroit, Dallas, NJ, Colorado, Philly all just add the pieces that they need to keep growing. They have a bad year now and then and might even miss the playoffs, but how long has it been since they missed more than once in a row?
You also are not taking into account the reaction by the ticket buyers to throwing in the towel. The season ticket base fell from 14k to 10k just from losing in the playoffs. What will it be like if they settle for a last place season? Trade Kolzig and you say loud and clear that there is no season this year. We already know there may not be a season next year. IF Ted lets them throw in the towel, he will lose more money to lost short and long term revenue than he will save by cutting the salary. He can trade Jagr or Lang and be able to say that they are trying to make the playoffs. Trade Kolzig and they can't.
Ted Leonsis does not want to encourage attendance figures in the 5k a night range. Thats what he will get if they trade Kolzig. Its the reality of doing business.

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