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01-05-2012, 11:07 PM
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I've been Bryz's biggest critic.

And I yelled @ Bryz at first for tonight, but I gotta be honest... he was pretty good tonight. Definitely a step in the right direction.

And not talking to the media is another good step. He needs to focus, he needs to cut guys like Timmy P out of his life. He doesn't need to be continually asked about (reminded of) how poorly he played and he doesn't need to be told that fans are speaking ill of him... HE KNOWS.


As far as tonight goes:

Goal 1: Would I like to see him close the pads faster there? You're darn right I would. But it was a total defensive breakdown and it all happened pretty quickly. The poke check attempt was a little puzzling and probably stopped him from making a save, but it happens. I put this one partially on Bryz b/c he shouldn't have been trying the poke check there and then he would've been in proper position to make that save, but still it's a pretty decent goal off a tip-in.

Goal 2: I love Kimmo, but it's a terrible play by Timonen that causes this. He totally craps the bed defensively and then on top of that, get's his stick tangled w/ Bryz, turning Bryz's shoulder and knocking the stick out of his hand, leaving Bryz in no position to even come close to making a save. 100% Timonen's fault. NO BLAME TO BRYZ.

Goal 3: First, it's a great shot. Perfectly placed and really the only place Seabrook could put it. As far as what Bryz could've or should've done differently, he should've come out further to challenge the shooter and he shouldn't have made that final push towards the post. That final little bit of movement towards the post is what left the backside of the goal open. All in all though, this is a great shot and Bryz was in pretty good position. I can't really blame him for a sick snipe. And I don't care that Seabrook isn't a sniper and blah blah blah. He uncorked a nice shot that was perfectly placed. It doesn't matter if the guy has 5 straight 50 goal seasons or hasn't ever scored 10 in a season... it was destined to find twine when it left his stick. If we really want to assign blame for this one, how about we get on Claude Giroux?!? He could've backchecked on Seabrook, but he eased up assuming that Coburn would cover Seabrook. Coburn was headed the wrong direction though (towards the other side of the ice) so he couldn't fully recover to take the speeding Seabrook and block his shot fully. I blame Giroux a lot more than I blame Bryz on that one... it was a lazy backcheck and he could've stopped the shot from ever taking place. This is the kind of crap that you hear Lavvy constantly harping about on 24/7... when we quit giving effort in our backcheck is when we start giving up goals in bunches.

Goal 4: This is honestly the one I blame Bryz the most for. Everyone is probably screaming "WHAT?!?!?" at me, because it came off a horrible defensive zone turnover, but it's the one goal where Bryz made the clearest mistake. Yes Kane was alone in the middle, but Bryz actually was in good position to make a stop and had the angle cut down on Kane. But then, Bryz committed the cardinal sin: HE MADE THE FIRST MOVE. He started to go down into the butterfly and showed Kane the top left corner of the net before Kane released it. Kane, a noted sniper, took advantage of the clear opening and deposited the puck into the net. Had Bryz made himself big and not gone down early, I think he makes a big stop there and the game is still 4-3.

At any rate, mixed in w/ those 4 goals were some pretty big stops. It was a solid effort from Bryz.

On a night where you get a win, your goalie made some big stops, and your biggest gripe about "poor goaltending" is on a 1 on 0 w/ Patrick Kane 10 ft out, I don't know how you can be angry.

Hopefully Bryz builds on this.

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