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01-05-2012, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Left Circle OneTimer View Post
Eh so a guy not playing in the nhl right now because the team doesn't want to rush a prospect is a bad thing?Guys like Bobby Ryan, Corey Perry (who played 2 more years in Junior after being drafted), and even Giroux must be scrubs then. Stop looking at the numbers alone. Huberdeau is a DOMINANT player and clutch player. Also where was couturier come playoff time in juniors? I mean isn't that exactly how we knew Giroux had very high offensive upside? Just watch the guys play or atleast in this case go rewatch old games or something.

Nothings wrong with pimping your own guy but to say the other guys picked before him are trash to make you feel better is just not being smart. Overrated? Ha far from it. Everyone said RNH was overrated and he was the weakest 1st round pick in years and i had an argument with a fellow flyer fan here who was saying Couturier>>>>>> RNH before the season started and then look what happened.

Yeah... Jordan stall with a little bit more upside is not even close to Eric Staal unless your talking Eric staal of 11-12.

Also what Lavy is doing with limited minutes is perfectly fine. If Couturier finishes the year with 25 points while playing the 4th line hes developing perfectly fine imo. We saw what happened when he was immediately placed on the first line when Giroux got injured. Hes jut not ready so theres no need to rush him.
So you're agreeing with me?

60-75 point forward with an elite defensive game?

I believe that is a 1st line center.

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