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01-06-2012, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by bennerwha View Post
On my way to the computer I stopped real fast to post this. My forward momentum was great!! The sudden stop gave me a concussion because we all know its just an impact to the head that causes a concussion but sudden stops can to because the brain keeps moving. NOT EVERY TOUCH TO THE FACE OR HEAD IS A CONCUSSION....thats the only thing wrong with "concussions" to much garbage talk and having to fill about 900hrs a day of sport talk with talking heads needing hot topics.... There is no such thing as a concussion there is a genetic disorder in the brain that causes these symptoms, parkinsons and alzheimers etc. depression. Psychosomatics is concussions and being told your sick or you wont be right maybe ever again doesn't help either. If Phaneuf has a "concussion" from this he should be stripped of his captaincy for being a faker!!!!!
Originally Posted by JWsLEAFS View Post
Just show my annoyance with the over sensitive concussion fade that is raging the NHL.

Breaking news, not every headache is a concussion, try an Advil.
Found a couple new informative posters I can't wait to follow on their rise to HF prominence

Originally Posted by Duke Silver View Post
It isn't. Chances are you have infractions/warnings?
I'm going with this, based on the trolling going on

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