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11-06-2003, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Davisian
I can't believe YOU of all people is not advocating Barnaby on the move,
On another note.. And one to gnaw on, if LaCouture continues to struggle, and all defenseman are healthy, why not dress 7, and put Bouchard on Mess's right for regular shifts, while keeping an extra defenseman in the lineup??? I'm pretty sure he could handle it..
It doesn't matter to me who moves with Lindros, to tell the truth. I would give Simon a shot there first, just to see if the added size on his flank would give Lindros any kind of a boost. Granted I think that Lindros was beginning to play well,regardless of whom he was with. But I would have no problem with him playing with Lundmark on one side and either Matty or Simon on the other.

As for the whole 7 defensemen, I personally hate it. I do not recall one successfull team that employed that strategy. Yes, teams may have had a player who has played both positions, Eric Messier and Ken Klee come to mind, but those are players who played forward for most of the year, dropping back to D in case of emergency. I do not think that Bouch would adapt so well to playing forward. If that was the theory, then I think that Purinton is capable of playing that role (4th line wing/defenseman in case of an injury or a match penalty).
To me it is pretty much plain and simple. First, Bouchard has to play at the expense of either Kasper, Poti, or either of the Russain Duo. Then, either Hlavac or Lacoutre has to sit in favor of Moore. Which one it is, depends on where Moore would play. Hlavac is not going to disrupt the Holik line and he would be a waste with Lindros or on Messier's line. So the only place for him is with Nedved. So if that is the case, then Lacoutre is the one to sit. If Moore is going to play with Nedved, that means that Hlavac should be sitting, while Lacoutre plas the 4th and either Matty or Simon gets a shot with Lindros.

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