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Originally Posted by Muuri View Post
Do think the newest Mikko Lehtonen get drafted? He has 11 games with TPS this year and I think Ristolainen was healthy scratch at some point while Lehtonen was playing so atleast Pekka Virta seems to rate him high.
I would think so. He's ridiculously mature for his age and plays a very solid game and also has some puck skills. The thing is though, that he doesn't really have a killer weapon, he is good on all areas but he doesn't have an area of his game where excells. He's a good skater but for his size it could be much better. He does have puck skills but again should be better for his size. I haven't seen him really use his shot much. I've seen a couple SM-liiga games, and he's played a very simple and effective game, short shifts with minimal risks and hardly any offense. In jr. A games I've seen he's been able to play very physical along the boards and infront of the net, and also play very well offensively then again that's jr. A.

I don't see why Virta would see him as a better alternative for Ristolainen, maybe he wanted to let Ristolainen get his batteries charged or something.

All in all his playing level is too high not to get drafted IMO. 4-5th round is my guess.

Originally Posted by ChadS View Post
Teräväinen had a goal and assist yesterday against Pelicans, played on a line with Janne Lahti and Tomi Mäki and was the 3rd star of the game. His goal came on the PP which was probably the first game in which he got regular PP-time. The kid is really quite a complete package and his skating helps him get out of trouble when he makes the occasional junior-mistakes. Still won't be a 1st rounder because he won't get this much icetime for the rest of the season, which sucks but there's really nothing he can do about it(Hahl, Pulkkinen not in the lineup right now).
Don't count him out just yet, there's are sources (that can be taken seriously) that have rated him in the 1st round. And I'm not sure how seriously a mr. Button can be taken but he's rated him in the top-15 for a while now, and said that he has a chance to climb even higher if he keeps getting better like he has. Top-15 is a stretch, but why should it be impossible for Teräväinen to crack the top-30? He's an insanely good skater, has great instincts, vision, puck skills, and while he's still slight he doesn't shy away from contact. And while he's smallish (5'11 165lbs) apparently he's still growing and obviously will gain weight. All these are attributes that you need to have to become a modern top-6 winger in the NHL, and if all turns out right, he has a chance to make it. What more do you think he should have, or what does he lack in your opinion that 1st round is out of the question?

He doesn't necessarily need to play the whole season in the men's team to be considered a 1st rounder. Scouts know that Jokerit is a very deep team and cracking that roster is very hard. If you look at Ruuttu and MaG who were taken in the 2nd last year, Teräväinen is much better now than those guys were a year ago.

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